Membership That Matters

At Milngavie Church we believe in membership that matters where every single member matters. We recognise we are far from perfect people but on discovering the love of God in Jesus we have found that God has made a great difference in our lives. God has made us members of his family (the world-wide church), by grace through faith in Jesus. This has led us to make a commitment in the presence of his family (the local church) by taking solemn vows that we intend, with God’s help, to keep.

Our vows of Church Membership contain a
Declaration of our turning towards God (repenting of our sin)
Decision to embrace God’s salvation (receiving God’s grace by faith)
Devotion to God and his family (relating by love)
Dedication of our lives to God (resolving to be a disciple)

Membership matters more than most people think. If you really want to be counter-cultural and are considering making a life-changing commitment by investigating a church membership that matters then please use the contact form below, or speak to Douglas or one of the elders. Courses are held as the need arises and you could join one soon. Our hope is that you will agree with us that membership matters.