Equipped to Preach the Word is devised by David Jackman of the Proclamation Trust and aims to train preachers to acquire and develop the necessary practical tools and skills to expound the Bible’s message. This includes both the preparation of the text and the presentation of the preaching, so as to connect that message to our culture. The course seeks also to motivate the preacher to progress and persevere, through spiritual encouragement, not only to be a skilled workman but also to be maturing as a humble servant whom God can use.

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The full course is comprised of six workshops and the first  will be on Saturday 29 February 2020.

This will introduce participants to the idea that Scripture is the expression of the Lord’s mind and heart, instructing us what to preach and how to preach it. And the same Spirit, who inspired the Bible writers, illuminates the understanding of Bible readers and empowers the proclamation of Bible preachers. 

Interested? Contact Douglas on 0141 563 4815 or use this form.