Milngavie Churches Holy Week 2021

Due to the current restrictions on gathering for worship Milngavie Churches Holy Week Services will be online this year. 

The videos will be recorded and premiered on our YouTube channel which can be accessed by clicking this image.

The services for the week are as follows:

Mon 29 March @ 7pm Douglas Campbell ~ Isaiah 52:13-15  ‘The Exalted Servant’

Tue 30 March @ 7pm Ramsay Shields  ~ Isaiah 53:1-3  ‘The Suffering Servant’

Wed 31 March @ 7pm John Macleod ~ Isaiah 53:4-9  ‘The Humble Servant’              

Thu 1 April @ 7pm Fergus Buchanan ~ Isaiah 53:10-12  ‘The Glorious Servant’

Fri 2 April @ 7pm John Wilson ~ Psalm 22:1-31  ‘The Forsaken Servant’

Sat 3 April @ 10.30am Fergus Buchanan ~ ‘The Day of Silence’