Trauma Healing Group

Please join our small group to bring healing to wounds to the heart – emotions, spirit, soul – from trauma or loss. If you suffer from hopelessness, nightmares, ongoing sadness or exhaustion, unexplained anger, flashbacks, being overwhelmed feelings of isolation or unprocessed grief, whatever the source this small group may be for you.

The group will meet over two days in our church hall
on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 August. 

Speak to Honor 07585 978922 or use the contact from below.

What is Trauma Healing?

Emotional trauma impacts more than one in seven people worldwide. In the aftermath of human tragedy — war, famine, domestic violence, abuse — people lose hope. They feel trapped in a cycle of reliving their pain and struggle to believe that God can heal or release them from it.

But Scripture contains a message of hope that can bring healing. Bible-based Trauma Healing is a unique programme which can help the local church provide a compassionate response to traumatised people in their communities.

Trauma Healing Groups

When we understand what trauma does to people we recognise the need to tell their story and recognise their grief.  The biblical basis of Trauma Healing means that the truth of God’s Word and Christ’s work on the cross is applied to hurting hearts.

These groups provide the opportunity for meaningful conversations about deep wounds and how God is sovereign over even our suffering.

Please use the contact form if you would like to attend any of our groups or simply to ask a question.

contact: Honor 07585 978922